Notary Stamp Instructions

Notary Stamp Instructions


California Notary Stamp Info


To order a California notary stamp, send in your ORIGINAL "Certificate of Authorization" issued by the Office of the Secretary of State (no faxes or photocopies accepted). This certificate authorizes a maximum number of stamps for that notary. If you want to order more than one stamp, the "Certificate" must authorize as such. The stamp manufacturer will affix a copy of the stamp to the "Certificate of Authorization" and send the original to the Secretary of State. A copy will be retained by the stamp manufacturer, and one will be sent with your stamp.


To place your order, you can print and complete the printable order form, and mail it in with your original certificate. Or, you can order online. If you order online, please print up a copy of your order, and mail it in with your original certificate. Please select the type of stamp you would like from our "Notary Stamps and Supplies Category".

Our mailing address is:
Spectra/FRS Marking Devices
4317 N. Golden State Blvd.
Fresno, CA 93722


Printable Order Form