Signature Stamp Instructions

Signature Stamps


If you would like to place an order for a signature stamp, we suggest a Pre-Inked Xstamper. Our Pre-Inked Stamps do a better job of holding the detail of a signature than our Self-Inking Stamps. Please sign your name on a piece of blank white paper as you would like it to appear on the stamp. If you would like a bold signature, sign with a thick pen; if you would like it regular, sign with a regular pen. Please sign in Black or Blue Ink.


Our signature stamps are priced by size. There is no additional charge for scanning a signature. You can go online to the site, and look at the different sizes available (For example our N14 and N18 Xstampers are popular signature stamps). If you select a stamp and the size of the stamp is smaller than the signature that you submit, we can shrink the signature at no extra charge.  When you have selected a stamp size that is appropriate, print and complete the order form and send it to us along with your original signature, and we will take it from there.

Please mail your signature orders to:

Spectra/FRS Marking Devices
4317 N. Golden State Blvd
Fresno, CA 93722


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